How I work

I work using a consultation approach which involves working closely with families and schools in order to gather a detailed picture of a child in order to better understand them and help them develop and reach their full potential. 

First, a phone consultation is offered to gather background information on your child and understand your areas of concern. I will also sometimes ask you to complete a questionnaire to provide further information or to gather information from school.

Following this we can arrange a meeting to carry out any necessary assessment work. I use robust and holistic assessments to identify children's strengths and learning needs. This work can include a range of approaches such as assessments of cognitive functioning, academic ability and the use of therapeutic tools to better understand your child’s behavioural, social and emotional needs. Assessments can be conducted at my consulting room or at your home. When necessary I can arrange to visit a child's educational setting to observe them in their learning context and consider the suitability of their educational provision. This would always include consultations with relevant school staff which would be included in the final report. 

A detailed report is provided following this work which describes the outcome of the assessments, a child’s strengths and the challenges they face. In some cases, a diagnosis can be useful to help others in understanding and supporting a child’s barriers to learning. Recommendations for educational provision that would best meet a child’s needs are always provided.


Data Protection

Your privacy is very important to us. Please click the link below to see the Child Profiles Privacy Notice:

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