Educational psychologists are skilled at finding ways to overcome barriers to success in education. We are qualified, accredited professionals with extensive experience of working with schools, colleges, students and parents. We work in a variety of Local Education Authority settings as well as in private practice.

Specialist expertise is offered to address individual students’ difficulties in areas such as behaviour, learning, social, emotional and other developmental difficulties. We work in a variety of ways including observations, interviews and assessments and offer consultation, advice and support to teachers, parents, the wider community as well as the young people concerned. We research innovative ways of helping vulnerable young people and often train teachers, learning support assistants and others working with children.

When working with individual children, the service will typically involve a full consultation and assessment set out in a detailed report, which can be tailored to meet individual needs. The report will include recommendations for future action drawn from an extensive knowledge of local education provision and services. Advice can also be provided on educational placement and options for ongoing learning support.

Areas of Work

  • Able, gifted and talented children

  • Advice on school placements

  • Consultancy with teachers/SENCOs/headteachers

  • Dyslexia assessments for children and students

  • Numeracy assessment and support

  • Behavioural, emotional or social difficulties

  • Exam access arrangements

  • Learning difficulties