"Ben Jeffes was a very welcome source of calming clarity and knowledge when it came to assessing the challenges my son was facing at school. With a patient and flexible manner, Ben succeeded to provide us with a diagnosis of dyslexia and an impressively thorough report: this has given us the tools to help our son and he is showing many signs of improved ability, and most importantly, confidence in his studies. I would completely recommend Ben Jeffes (and have done!) if you're feeling out of your depth with the challenges you may be facing with your child."

— Dalia, Cambridge

"I was very happy with the report, and have discussed the situation with school and found it all very helpful. I would highly recommend Dr Jeffes. He provided an accurate and detailed Educational Psychologist’s report that enabled me to access greater support from school for my daughter. The service is very convenient, reliable, friendly and efficient."

— Catherine, Finchley

Thank you so much for a very detailed report, it's so valuable for us to have this insight so we can make a plan of action with the school to suit our daughter.  

Thanks again for making the whole experience enjoyable for her, very much appreciated.

— Rachel, Hackney

"Ben carried out an assessment on my son following concerns that he may have dyslexic traits.  My son enjoyed the assessment and we received a very detailed report afterwards.  The report was very specific with regards to my son's difficulties (his teacher described it as 'spot on') and there were many helpful suggestions on how we could help him in his learning.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ben to other parents."

— Sarah, Islington

"Dr Jeffes was easy to deal with and accommodating to our needs and that of my daughters. We found the report helpful and instructive, as did the other professionals involved with our daughters educational needs. He liaised with both us and the school,  helping put in place a supportive program of study which has helped our child grow in confidence, which in turn has improved her academic outcomes."

— Rebecca, Letchworth

"I contacted Ben in regards to assessing my daughter. From the very first point of contact Ben was very helpful and informative, he spent time with myself over the telephone listening to my concerns so he was prepared for when he visited my daughter within her school. Within 3 weeks Ben was able to visit the school, and assess my daughter. His report was very in-depth and provided her school with what they needed to adapt her learning journey to suit her needs. The school implemented Ben’s suggestions immediately, and we are now awaiting what she will personally achieve with these tools in place"

— Debbie, Hertford

"We both want to say what an excellent, clear and thorough report you wrote for us, thanks for taking such time"

- Nick, Archway

"Thank you for the very detailed report. We will use your recommendations to continue to support our son with his literacy skills."

- Rachel, Finchley

"Thank you so much for your report.  It clarifies what we thought was going on and the tips will be really useful.  Our son really enjoyed his morning with you, so thank you for making this a positive experience for him."

- Nicola, Cambridge

Thank you. I am so grateful for the information in your report and reassured that we finally have definitive answers rather than presumptions to work with. I will be putting your recommendations of support in place at home and I greatly appreciate your professional advice.

- Sheila, Bishop’s Stortford

Thank you so much. This is a lovely report and has everything in it we need to explain our son, and hopefully others can have a window into what his needs are. The ideas for how we can help him are so great. Really helpful.

- Yvonne, Chelmsford